jueves, 12 de junio de 2014

ж let time pass ж

horns-[geek.] Build Me Up Horns @The Thrift Shop ((NEW))
hair-!lamb. Pocket Knife (Mesh)
ears and panflute-*May's Soul* Faun music @Tales of Fantasy ((NEW))
horns face and chest-Chary. - Horizontal Body Horns
eyes-Brixley] Divine Eyes @THE  HELLO SUNSHINE FAIR
makeup eyes-{Dead Apples} Ose Eyeshadows
lashes-Candy Mountain Falsies
glasses-C h a r y . - Fleur Glasses @THE  HELLO SUNSHINE FAIR
makeup lips-.random.Matter. - Glossy Chapstick
teeth-Ataxia-[M] Prim Teeth v2 - Colorful Braces
tattoo body-.Reckless. - Hex @thebigshow ((NEW))
piercing chest-Cute Poison - Corset Piercings
cuffs-.random.Matter. - Bastille Wrist Cuff
nails-DP - Koffin Nails - Shades of Blue Gradients @suicide dollz
dress-.Atomic. Spring Bear Dress  @THE  HELLO SUNSHINE FAIR
legstrap- *TwInS FaShIoN-TF* Rose Legstrap @thebigshow ((NEW))
shoes-Mag<3.B Strippy clog (group gif) ((NEW))

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