jueves, 5 de junio de 2014

**true life**

skin-INSITU -skin Emma
hair-[LCKY] Helie
hat-[AM] Vintage Hat @Fantasy Gacha Vintage Event ((NEW))
brows-.random.Matter. Misery - Eyebrows
makeup eyes--.random.Matter.- Pestilence Shadows
eyes-SU!- Scarlet Eyes SILVER
piercing nose-.random.Matter.- Rasputina Septum Ring
makeup lips--UtopiaH- Goth Glosses
teeth-.random.Matter. Grell- Teeth
tattoo chest-DAPPA - Lotus Tattoo. @MOH4 ((NEW))
tattoo arms-DAPPA - Shield of Life Tattoo. @suicide dollz
cuffs-POMPOSITY - Iron Cross Studded Bangle @suicide dollz ((NEW))
dress-D-Style - Cute Mini @Fashion For Life starts on June 7th ((NEW))
bag-*Tentacio* ice cream bag @The Chapter Four ((NEW))
knees-SU!- Bloody Knees
boots-[AM] Koas Combat Boots ((NEW))

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  1. hello , i want this dress but i dont find it ....and delirium style is not in the list of shop on http://ffl.iheartsl.com/designers/store-slurls/

  2. hi,,, delirium is in the sponsor list, u can see in this link : http://ffl.iheartsl.com/level-three-sponsors/
    and here is the land for the event: