jueves, 2 de octubre de 2014

in my head

skin and  brows-Go & See  * Leo * (sale for the last 18 days) 
hair-.Olive. the Sour Hair @Candy Fair ((NEW))
makeup eyes-NOX. Sugar Shadows @Candy Fair  ((NEW))
makeup lips-NOX. Candy Lip @Candy Fair ((NEW))
collar-INSITU - callor  @The Gacha Mania
tanktop-.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Tank-Top Eyes ((NEW))
claws-Nana - Claws Hand Slink Elegant ((NEW))
rings-[geek.] My Favorite Shade Ring @Uber ((NEW))
cuff-[geek.] Basic Training Tie @Uber ((NEW))
handbag-[geek.] Melts in Ur Purse @Candy Fair ((NEW))
Walkman-[geek.] Geekman Sport @Throwback Thursday
short-Go & See* H-waist Shorts
stocking-C h a r y . - Geo Tights
shoes-sneakers*CASHMERE&KEANE*Maison Sneakers/UNISEX(chocolate)

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