sábado, 11 de octubre de 2014

✱✱my reality✱✱

skin-Go&See * Bloody Vivienne @Bloody Horror Fair  (starts the 15th) ((NEW))
hair-[Due] Moon  @Candy Fair
headband-*May's Soul* shae headpiece @Mystic Realms Fair ((NEW))
eyes-NOX. Asylum @Bloody Horror Fair 
scars- NOX. Keloid Scars @COSMETIC FAIR
nails-Go&See * Death Nails * Black -  Slink @Bloody Horror Fair 
tattoo-.Reckless. - Ghoul B.W @TBS
 bra and panties- .DirtyStories. Roses Lingerie  @TBS ((NEW))
shoes-Latreia- Testify @the body mod expo ((NEW))

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