martes, 10 de noviembre de 2015

£Not Ready to Die¬

skin-CURELESS [+]  Morphine (v.4)
hair-+Spellbound+ Delta // Grimoire ((NEW))
tattoo blood face-[theSkinnery] Huntress Markings @We <3 RP!
crown-Nana - Ciara Crown @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
horns, claws, corset, thong  and wings- *May's Soul* Drakonian angel @Fantasy Gacha Carnival ((NEW))
brows-+ Aii's++ Fantasy Brows II White VIII + {aii}
piercing-PUNCH / Double Chain @Suicide Dollz ((NEW))
handtapes-Clemmm - Bandaged Fingers
tatto bites-antielle. Appetizer / Bites & Blood
blood knees-Clemmm - Damaged Knees .7
sandals-Pure Poison -Shay Sandals -for SLINK Flat Feet
blood feet-Clemmm - Bloody Feet
sword-::iMagz:: NinjaTanto
light deco-*NAMINOKE*Kira Kira @KiraKira twincle star party ((NEW))

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