lunes, 19 de junio de 2017


pose-ROQUAI andreous aesthetic 2a m (bento) @eBENTO  ((NEW)) 
hair-Blues. Tonia
bow-RO - Briar Bow Headband - Red - Plain
bindi-[Cubic Cherry] {Kaori} bindi @SOMBER ((NEW)) 
accesory & makeup lips- Moon Amore: Kinky Lips & Accessory @COSMETIC FAIR ((NEW)) 

collar-+XAnSA+ Batty Boo - Battalar--(this product is available in second life and also in real important that you know Xansa being the ONLY store on Secondlife, offering BDSM collars in digital and physical fashion) you can find in
Store inworld here
Market here
Physical store here

dres & belt-Afrodita Gacha @LootBox ((NEW)) 
cuffs-Toast - Spiked Wrists
shoes-:MoonAmore+Cureless: /Surrealisme/ Boots

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